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In the whisky investment world there is promise of high returns and extensive exit strategies.

How can you be certain about the right company to invest in?

We are an independent whisky bottler, selling bottles in the UK, Europe, and Asia. Our focus is on sourcing affordable casks for bottling and investment. Why look elsewhere when you have us?

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High Returns, Economic Stability & No Capital Gains Tax

Scottish whisky casks have increased in value by an average of 12% year on year for the past five years, with the previous year (2022) showing an average increase of 15% (BC20 Index)

Being a tangible asset, casks of whisky are more resilient to economic chages than stocks, shares and digital currencies. In fact, whisky casks will increase in value independently of market conditions, simply due to the ageing process. This natural appreciation  factor makes whisky casks a sold hedge against inflation and recession.

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How does it work?

You tell us what you're looking for and we'll find it for you! The budget you're working with and your desired outcome/exit strategy will help us find the right cask for you. Maybe there's a specific distillery or region you enjoy, maybe you'd like a sherry finish for your own bottling... This is your investment and we'll tailor ir to your criteria as best we can.

We're transparent about our processes and our prices! The problem with most cask investment companies is that they apply a large margin on casks. So large that it's not cost effective to bottle or invest in anymore. We won't stand for that so we're quite transparent with our markup. All of the casks we sell have a 10% commission included in the price.

Found something you like? Once we've found a suitable match, we'll send over an invoice and a cask purchase agreement for signing. This acts as your proof of ownership of the cask, listing all the cask details as well as our full terms and conditions.

We do things by the book! We're fully regulated by HMRC, with all the required WOWGR (GB0G376728300 and AWRS (XBAW00000115363) licensing required to trade, store and bottle casks of whisky.

Ready to exit? You've got two options when it comes to exit: bottle or sell. Selling is the most straightforward, tac efficient approach and we can offer an extensive list of buyers ready to buy your cask. We might even buy it back ourselves! Bottling involves additional costs, taxes and time, however the returns are much greater. We will help you with whatever you choose to do!

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Who are we?

Founded in 2020 by Paul Jamieson and Julian Mithoff in Glasgow, Scotland, DamGoodDrams emerged from the need to find a single online destination for independently bottled whisky. We have expanded to launch our own brand, "Glaschu Spirits Co.," featuring hand-selected casks. Witnessing the significant cask trading activity, we ventured into selling casks ourselves.

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We don't just discuss investing, exit strategies, and selling to bottlers. We take action.

Our own brand, Glaschu Spirits Co., comprises single cask releases sourced and bottled by DamGoodDrams. We possess expertise in pricing casks for bottling, label development, sourcing glassware, and finding market routes in the UK and the EU.

The Spirit of Glaschu - Blair Athol 7 year old finished in Jamaican Rum

Glaschu Spirits Co. - Tullibardine 7 year old fully matured in Saint Emilion red wine

Glaschu Spirits Co. - Glengoyne 11 year old finished in Pedro Ximénez Sherry

See all our Glaschu Spirits Co.

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